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After many years of research and meeting with Doctors and Attorneys across the state, we have developed the most innovative Personal Injury Marketing Platform on the market today.
Who We Are

A group of Doctors & Developers with over 10 years of experience designed the best Personal Injury Marketing Tool on the planet. InjuryTrak a company of ChiroTrak Software Solutions LLC.

What We Do

With a passion for innovative technology and a personal injury marketing background we have created the fastest, most accurate crash report delivery system on the market. We deliver the information you need, when you need it.

We have built relationships with reporting agencies across the state. Our innovative technology can deliver up to the minute, real time reporting right to your finger tips within seconds of its public release.

Short Story About InjuryTrak

January 2015
Had an Idea
When the idea started to develop it was simply a way to deliver crash reports automatically to the computer without having to manually look them up.
May 2016
Started Working on the Idea
Met with developers and Doctors from around the state to research what the needs of PI Marketing were and how to go about automating the process of data collection.
February 2017
The First Reports Were Delivered
After the development of the software to collect data automatically was developed the platform for providing the information to the user went into development.
June 2017
InjuryTrak Launched
The system was up and running and gaining rave reviews from all the new users. We couldn’t have been happier to see our product provide such a huge service to the Doctors & Attorneys using our service to connect with their personal injury market.
July 2018
InjuryTrak V2.0
Our developers have taken InjuryTrak to a whole new level. We listened to our clients and we made improvements to every feature and added may more. V2.0 is the most innovative personal injury marketing platform on the market today.

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